Class FileData


public class FileData
extends Data

Used with fillObject, this writes objects to files using a relatively small amount of in-memory buffering. That reduces system resource requirements for working with large files such as uncompressed TIF images supported by higher end imaging devices, and provides a more even system I/O load.

See Also:
BaselineInitiator.fillObject(int, usb.jphoto.Data)

Constructor Summary
FileData( o, NameFactory f)
          Constructs a data object which fills the given underlying file.
Method Summary
 void close()
          Closes the underlying file.
 void write(byte[] buf, int off, int len)
          Appends object data to the underlying file.
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Constructor Detail


public FileData( o,
                NameFactory f)
Constructs a data object which fills the given underlying file.
Method Detail


public void write(byte[] buf,
                  int off,
                  int len)
Appends object data to the underlying file.


public void close()
Closes the underlying file.

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