Package usb.jphoto

This provides a jPhoto framework for working with camera protocols over USB.


Class Summary
BaselineInitiator This initiates interactions with USB devices, supporting only mandatory PTP-over-USB operations; both "push" and "pull" modes are supported.
Buffer A Buffer handles marshaling/unmarshaling rules applicable to PTP over USB.
Command Command messages start PTP transactions, and are sent from initiator to responder.
Container PTP Command, Data, Response, and Event blocks use a "Generic Container Structure" as a packet header.
Data The optional middle phase of a PTP transaction involves sending data to or from the responder.
DeviceInfo DeviceInfo describes device functionality such supported image formats, operations, events, and device properties.
DevicePropDesc DeviceProperty descriptions provide metadata (code, type, factory defaults, is-it-writable, and perhaps value ranges or domains) and current values of device properties.
DevicePropDesc.Range This class describes value ranges by minima, maxima, and permissible increments.
DevicePropValue DeviceProperty values wrap various types of integers and arrays of integers, and strings.
Event Events are sent spontaneously from responders to initiators.
FileData Used with fillObject, this writes objects to files using a relatively small amount of in-memory buffering.
FileSendData Used with sendObject, this can read objects from files using a relatively small amount of in-memory buffering.
Initiator This supports all standardized PTP-over-USB operations, including operations (and modes) that are optional for all responders.
JPhoto This is a command line tool, which currently supports access only to PTP cameras.
NameFactory Supports use of objects using vendor extension codes.
ObjectInfo ObjectInfo provides metadata such as image and thumbnail sizes for image objects; it describes associations; and identifies additional object types such as audio clips.
ParamVector This class is used for PTP messages consisting of only a set of thirty-two bit parameters, such as commands, responses, and events.
Response The final phase of a PTP transaction sends a command's response from the responder to the initiator.
StorageInfo StorageInfo provides information such as the type and capacity of storage media, whether it's removable, and more.

Package usb.jphoto Description

This provides a jPhoto framework for working with camera protocols over USB. The initial such protocol is the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP; see Support for other USB-enabled cameras may be provided later.

PTP permits an initiator and a responder (think camera) to interact, exchanging images and other data in pull mode (such as from a camera to a personal computer) or push mode (to image storage systems, printers, and so on).

At this writing, cameras supporting this protocol are just beginning to appear, but substantial industry support is backing the protocol (including a PTP driver support built into Windows ME).

Associated source code is licenced under the GPL.
This documentation was derived from that source code on 2001-04-12.